Dr. Jodi Cunningham

Professor | Doula | Childbirth Educator | Mother | Wife

Dr. Jodi is a Family Transition Strategist. She supports families near Greater Cincinnati, Ohio as they grow through all of life’s seasons, supporting them through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, back-to-work and beyond. She does this through teaching Evidence Based Birth® childbirth classes, serving as a birth and postpartum doula and coaching parents through Beaming Back: A return-to-work club for parents. 

As a trained researcher and public health leader, Dr. Jodi stays up-to-date on the latest health information, then informs you in a way you can understand. Dr. Jodi built her career all while building her family at the same time. She gets it… the pull that so many women feel to ‘do it all’. She helps you focus on what’s really important, develop a plan, and execute. She is right beside you through that entire journey. 

Jodi is a fantastic doula. I’m a Family Physician, holding OB creds, and I think Jodi offers solid, safe doula practices, and is a very valuable member of the care team. She stays with families until the delivery, even if there has to be an operative delivery. She also offers a balanced approach, and ensures that safety and the PATIENT’S PRIORITIES are heard. The services she offers with classes are also very helpful and are empowering for those giving birth, and spouses alike!

Matt, Doula Client

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Education Classes: Now Enrolling for 2024!

Join Dr. Jodi and other parents for a full spectrum 4-week childbirth class! Sessions will be run fully virtual by Zoom, or through a hybrid in-person/zoom class series which will take place at The Well in Kettering, Ohio or a TBD Cincinnati location. You will also receive mentorship from Dr. Jodi, text support from her for 3 months, a spiral bound workbook, and special discounts on Dr. Jodi's services!
Find out more about Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Classes here!

Dr. Jodi was my doula during the birth of my first baby. She was a wonderful help and had such great encouragement during the process of labor. Even before labor, Dr. Jodi and I would FaceTime to discuss the birth plan and to be ready when the time came. My first pregnancy I was having complications that the Doctor wouldn’t speak of. He just kept telling my partner and I that he needed to check me as soon as possible. When Dr. Jodi entered the room you could feel the whole vibe change instantly. She made him speak on what was happening because she knew I was scared. She took charge when I felt like I wasn’t able due to the pain/contractions. She made minimal changes in my position that made improvements in my comfort.

My family and visitors were there the entire night for me but not like Jodi was. She was next to me regardless when the Nurses/Doctors came in. Jodi would fill the gaps they could not see or fill me in on what I missed. Jodi saw my needs without me needing to communciate them. Jodi’s skills were amazing and a source of relief. She even taught my partner certain pressure points and places on the body to massage and relieve pressure and pain.

Most importantly, Jodi was a GREAT advocate. She helped my partner communicate with the staff regarding things such as options, medications, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin-to-skin, and made it known that virtually anything and everything was up to us. 

Marissa, Doula Client

Who is Dr. Jodi?


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Health Promotion & Education, University of Cincinnati

Master of Science, (M.S.), Health Promotion & Education, University of Cincinnati

Certified Birth Doula, Birth with Spirit

Instructor, Evidence Based Birth®


Working as a researcher and public health program manager, implementer and evaluator for almost a decade, Dr. Jodi has vast experience in broad community health issues, strategies and needs.

Leading a nationally recognized infant mortality prevention initiative, she has advocated to change local policy and build systems that better support families, including partnering with community leaders to support the passage of breastfeeding friendly policies, addressing food access issues in neighborhoods, and supporting community health programs that uplift resident expertise to support communities to grow and thrive.

Guiding Principles

 Maternal Health is A Human Right

Trust Women & Birthing Person

Targeted Universalism

Evidence-based Practices

Dr. Jodi was wonderful! Her research based knowledge was so helpful when developing my birth plan and answering my many questions that I felt confident I was making safe and smart decisions for myself and baby. When I had doubts about giving birth in a hospital and having a natural birth, Jodi knew exactly what to say, reminding me of my birthing goals, which helped me feel that I was strong enough and able to give birth anywhere! With Jodi’s help, I felt calm and relaxed during labor and was able to have the natural water birth that I wanted!

Kiersten, Doula Client

A little more about me…

In addition to being Dr. Jodi, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and granddaughter. Thanks to the amazing women that raised me, including some praying Grandma’s, I grew up knowing I could do it all, anything I set my mind to, and I was bold enough to go on and try!

In college I studied public health and gained a fire for maternal and child health and learning about research. This desire led me to become a three-time alumnae at The University of Cincinnati (Go Bearcats!). I focused my research on co-sleeping and breastfeeding.

Remember how I believed I could do it all? I decided to grow my family the same exact time my education and career was ramping up! All while completing my advanced degrees, I married a wonderful man and had my second son. I gave birth  the same month that I started teaching college classes, while also finishing up my PhD. I was literally sitting in my bed, breastfeeding my son with my laptop stretched over my knees as I typed my dissertation. 

I did it all! And it was really hard.

I had support but it still wasn’t enough. I struggled with postpartum depression and general overwhelm. Yes, I did it all, but it was hard. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. These experiences plus the staggering statistics that show the U.S. is far behind in supporting mothers and babies to have healthy pregnancies and births has led me to this point in my career. I am now using my skills, expertise and experiences to support women and families to have the very best birth, postpartum and breastfeeding experience.

You deserve it. We all do.

You’re the boss of everything else in your life.

Why wouldn’t you be the boss of your own birth?

We loved working with Jodi! We moved to a new area with no family around and knowing we had her in our corner during our pregnancy was SO helpful and reassuring! She is super sweet and always came prepared for our meetings and checked in on us throughout the pregnancy. We’d definitely recommend her!

Kaleigh, Doula Client

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