Who is Dr. Jodi?



Working as a researcher and public health program manager, implementer and evaluator for almost a decade, Dr. Jodi has vast experience in broad community health issues, strategies and needs.

Leading a nationally recognized infant mortality prevention initiative, she has advocated to change local policy and build systems that better support families, including partnering with community leaders to support the passage of breastfeeding friendly policies, addressing food access issues in neighborhoods, and supporting community health programs that uplift resident expertise to support communities to grow and thrive.

Guiding Principles

Maternal Health is A Human Right
Trust Women & Birthing Person
Targeted Universalism
Evidence-based Practices

Beaming Back® is Dr. Jodi’s exclusive return-to-work club for parents after bringing home a baby. This can be a tender and challenging time, and you shouldn’t have to walk through it alone!

Dr. Jodi has spent countless hours creating this coaching program, which includes individualized 1-1 support, access to an online community of other parents, tailored resources to fit your job and your unique circumstances, all honoring the whole of you. Dr. Jodi utilizes her skills as a Certified Doula, using whole-person listening and radical presence to truly hear and see you during this time.You will meet for a series of 4 hours, by zoom and/or phone, developing a strategy for your return-to-work, including support from Dr. Jodi is with you during those first four weeks back, with brief check-ins weekly check-ins. You also have her as a resource, outside of your call time, available to use her decade-long experience as a working mom/coach of other working moms and a community health leader to your benefit! You get access to her by email and text for the duration of your return-to-work window, as well as helpful printable and resource recommendations to help you navigate pumping, understanding your rights, navigating work/life balance and more. Please invest in yourself during this time- the back-to-work you will thank you!

A little more about me…

In addition to being Dr. Jodi, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and granddaughter. Thanks to the amazing women that raised me, including some praying Grandma’s, I grew up knowing I could do it all, anything I set my mind to, and I was bold enough to go on and try!

In college I studied public health and gained a fire for maternal and child health and learning about research. This desire led me to become a three-time alumnae at The University of Cincinnati (Go Bearcats!). I focused my research on co-sleeping and breastfeeding.

Remember how I believed I could do it all? I decided to grow my family the same exact time my education and career was ramping up! All while completing my advanced degrees, I married a wonderful man and had my second son. I gave birth the same month that I started teaching college classes, while also finishing up my PhD. I was literally sitting in my bed, breastfeeding my son with my laptop stretched over my knees as I typed my dissertation.

I did it all! And it was really hard.
I had support but it still wasn’t enough. I struggled with postpartum depression and general overwhelm. Yes, I did it all, but it was hard. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. These experiences plus the staggering statistics that show the U.S. is far behind in supporting mothers and babies to have healthy pregnancies and births has led me to this point in my career. I am now using my skills, expertise and experiences to support women and families to have the very best birth, postpartum and breastfeeding experience.
You deserve it. We all do.

You’re the boss of everything else in your life.
Why wouldn’t you be the boss of your own birth?

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