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You are the boss of everything else in your life.

Why wouldn’t you be the boss of your own birth?

Beginning in 2023 and beyond, I’m taking all prospective doula clients through BWS Doula Agency. This will allow my clients to have more streamlined support, access to other services and classes from valued practitioners, and better payment plan options. Click below to find out more about BWS Doula Agency, and to schedule a free consultation with me!

What to Expect

Once you hire me as your doula, you can expect individualized and evidence-based support.

I work for you! 

With my decade of experience as a maternal and infant health researcher and educator, I’m equipped to help you make informed decisions to have the very best birth experience.

Based on your needs, questions and birth or postpartum plan (that we write together!), I provide you with easy-to-understand information that you can take with you to your prenatal appointments, use at your birth, and during the postpartum period.

You are informed. You have a plan. You are supported.

And I am right by your side for all of it!

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